Abrasive Sand Blasting in Geraldton, WA

At RenoBlast, we strive to offer the highest-quality sand blasting in WA.

Sand blasting is a technique which involves cleaning or preparing a surface by forcing a stream of abrasive materials against the subject.

sand blasting

Why Renoblast?

RenoBlast is the obvious choice for sand blasting in Geraldton because:

    • our team has numerous years of professional experience and knowledge.
    • Our Large (24m by 13m) onsite rooms which allow us to blast the equipment and coat it in a short amount of time, leading to exceptional adhesion.
    • Yard blasting with dust control
    • We use high-quality garnet sand

We specialise in the blasting of:

      • Structural Steel
      • Heavy machinery
      • Trucks and trailers
      • Earth moving equipment
      • Mining equipment
      • Uses high quality garnet
      • We can blast small equipment e.g. post boxes to large equipment i.e. Belly dumpers and D9s

Does Renoblast offer ‘Alternative Corrosion Control?

Yes, we offer alternative corrosion control through the use of exceptional water-based products.

Our current alternative corrosion control is Metalfix. This product is a water-based rust converting etch primer which is excellent for its fire-retardant properties, its safety for hazardous areas, and its ability to be top coated with paint.

Contact Geraldton’s sand blasting specialists by calling us on (08) 9923 3680 or 0419 244 474 today!