Spray Painting in Geraldton, WA


When it comes to spray painting, Reno Blast is the experienced company that big businesses in Geraldton can rely on for the most professional service and high-quality skills. We have a large industrial block in Geraldton and mobile mine spec vehicles. Our company is a dedicated and hardworking team, our paint services are well-respected in a wide range of industries, and we can thank our experienced team for always giving our clients the results that they want. We can cater to a wide range of industries, providing a reliable service at all times.

WA Spray Painting

RenoBlast uses a range of premium equipment to get a high-quality finish. This includes:

  • Conventional Airspray units
  • Air Assisted components
  • Airless Compoments

What we offer

We offer commercial and industrial spray painting in WA on an extensive range of materials.

Our range of finishes includes enamels, two pack, epoxy, high gloss, acrylics, fire and chemical resistant coatings.

Our facilities include large enclosed spray sheds and a large open yard area.

We can accommodate all job sized items from extremely small to extremely large equipment!

To book a commercial or industrial painting job with Geraldton’s mobile spray painting experts, contact us at RenoBlast today!