What We Do

Renoblast specialises in providing reliable, quality assured abrasive blasting and spray painting throughout the mining, oil & gas, communications, agricultural, marine, construction and engineering sectors. We have a large sandblasting and spray painting workshop in Geraldton and have a fully equiped mobile fleet of trucks to deliver our services anywhere throughout Western Australia.

Our highly trained and skilled team has many years of experience in the selection and application of different protective coatings to suit our ranging environments. This is a proven and cost effective method of combating corrosion and greatly extends the working life of your companies assets. We have professional tradespeople and NACE qualified inspectors to apply and inspect these high quality protective coating systems both on-site and in our workshop. We provide detailed QA/QC records and can assist in maintenance programming, writing and selection of surface treatment specifications for asset protection and corrosion control.

Renoblast also provides a powder coating service, this method of surface protection is delivered through Electrostatic Spray Deposition (ESD) onto a metal substrate. The spray gun applies an electrostatic charge to the powder particles which are then attracted to the grounded metal substrate. Then the items are entered into a curing oven where the coating chemically reacts to the heat and forms a high cross link density. This results in a tough durable coating while retaining an attractive finish.


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